Protecting Families In Birth Injury Cases

While the birth of a child is often filled with joy and excitement, new parents are often overwhelmed. The situation can become even more complicated and emotional if the child, or the mother, suffered an injury before, during or immediately after the labor and delivery process. Hospitals, clinics and insurance malpractice insurance companies must be held responsible for any negligence that contributed to the injuries.

At Dreyer Boyajian LLP, our New York attorneys take birth injury cases very seriously. We approach these types of cases with the compassion and sensitivity that the parents and children need, but are aggressive in the action that we take against the hospital or insurance company. The injuries that a child can sustain may be lasting and require a lifetime of additional medical care. We are determined to get you the compensation you deserve for all of the losses your family has suffered.

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Types of Birth Injury Cases

Whether the injuries occurred during a routine delivery, emergency C-section or other childbirth situation, our lawyers can represent you in a wide variety of birth injury matters, such as:

Unfortunately, children and/or mothers may succumb to their injuries resulting in fatalities and unimaginable grief for the family. Our firm is able to handle wrongful death cases that stem from a birth injury or failure to diagnose a potentially fatal situation in the child or mother.

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