Attorneys For Injuries Caused By High Biliruben Counts

Several types of injuries can cause, and arise from, too much bilirubin (occasionally known as hematoidin) in the blood after birth. Hyperbilirubinemia, as this increased bilirubin is called, is a condition where there is excess bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is released during the breakdown of red blood cells, which naturally raises blood bilirubin levels slightly. But babies are not always able to eliminate excess bilirubin as easily as adults, so it can build up and cause high levels in the blood plasma that can be dangerous. When bilirubin concentration does rise, it can result in jaundice — a yellowing of the skin.

The mother's placenta usually rids the baby's body of excess bilirubin, but after birth, the child's liver takes over. Symptoms of hyperbilirubinemia include visible yellowing of the eyes and skin, lethargy, dehydration and poor feeding. To diagnose hyperbilirubinemia requires direct or indirect testing of bilirubin levels. If a physician fails to diagnose hyperbilirubinemia, it may be medical negligence. When that happens, you want an experienced attorney to protect your interests.

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Handling Injuries Caused by Increased Bilirubin Levels

Continued high levels of blood bilirubin and failure to diagnose and treat hyperbilirubinemia can cause seizures, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, vision damage and death. It is important to treat it early before severe symptoms result. Phototherapy or, in severe cases, exchange transfusions, may be required.

When a doctor, physician or other medical professional negligently fails to diagnose your child with hyperbilirubinemia and injuries occur, we will aggressively protect your rights and help you seek compensation for all of your losses, from the costs of medical treatment to any physical or mental suffering or injury to your child.

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