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New York State offers excellent opportunities for bicycle commuting and recreational riding, however many local drivers are unaccustomed or unwilling to share the road with bicycles. The results of an accident between a bicycle and a car or truck can be tragic.

It is important for bicyclists to protect themselves with the proper safety equipment such as helmets, lights, and reflective clothing, but sometimes that is not enough. In data released by the state in 2008, at least 5,646 bicyclists across New York were involved in collisions with vehicles. In that same year, 42 cyclists lost their lives, and over 2,000 were seriously or moderately injured. According to another study by the state, the majority of automobile/bicycle accidents occur on municipal streets, however over 1,400 riders were injured on State, County and Town routes. Many auto/bicycle accidents were caused by inattentive drivers, failure to yield, road rage, or other human factors. Out of the 3,813 accidents with human factors, over two thirds were the fault of the car driver, not the bicyclist.

Many drivers are unaware that bike riders in New York have the same rights, responsibilities, and duties as the drivers of cars and trucks.

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