Was Your Loved One Injured Because Of Poor Nursing Home Supervision

One of the most dangerous and preventable acts of nursing home neglect and nursing error is a failure to properly supervise and monitor a patient and the care being given to him or her. These omissions can result in a resident developing decubitus ulcers or failing to receive necessary medications in a timely fashion. Worst of all, failure to supervise and regularly monitor a resident can allow the resident to wander to parts of the facility that pose a danger to him or her, or to wander off the facility's property entirely, presenting an immediate danger of injury or death.

We have been handling nursing home cases since we opened over 30 years ago, and the nursing home negligence attorneys at Dreyer Boyajian LLP, know how to investigate and prosecute cases against nursing home facilities for failure to supervise their residents. The knowledge, skill, experience and personal, compassionate counsel of our team ensures that responsible facilities will be held accountable and made to compensate the victims and their families fully.

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Protecting Your Rights After a Failure to Properly Supervise

Often the failure of a facility and its staff to supervise a resident is the result of a lack of compliance with the safety management controls put in place by federal and state laws regulating nursing home facility operations. Simply put, sometimes the companies that operate nursing homes put profits ahead of people, and they do not keep enough well-trained staff employed to prevent these unnecessary injuries.

We will aggressively protect your rights or the rights of a loved one when there is an injury because of a failure to properly monitor or supervise patient care. We understand the causes of nursing home negligence and know how to get the compensation your loved one deserves and help you change the practices of a nursing home, so your loved one and others don't need to needlessly suffer.

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