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Nursing home residents are at a higher risk of falling since they are more likely to be disabled, elderly and easily disoriented. The elderly fall in a nursing home due to their frail condition and this usually results in an injury or fracture that can have a significant impact on their ability to function and their quality of life.

Although the elderly falling down in a nursing home is a constant risk, often it is the facility and its staff that contribute to the fall. Nursing homes are obliged to take extra steps to ensure that the facility is hazard-free and that preventive measures are in place.

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Protecting Your Rights After a Nursing Home Fall

If a facility's failure to follow the proper standard of care results in a fall and a serious injury, the nursing home should be held responsible for its negligence.

Falls can occur when the facility fails to address:

  • Hallway hazards like wet floors or electrical cords from medical equipment
  • Failure to use safety devices like bed rails, floor mats or bed height adjustments based on acknowledged risk factors
  • Failure to have and use available assistive devices and failure to have operational call buttons or bed alarms to alert staff when a resident tries to move without assistance
  • Dropping a resident while moving him or her because there was not enough staff, staff was fatigued from long hours or because they simply lacked the proper training
  • Failure to supervise residents adequately and failure to prevent those at higher risk of falling from moving or attempting to move about without assistance

Nursing homes are required by federal law to make sure that every resident has an assessment completed upon entering the facility. The facility must update the assessment regularly or any time there are changes in the resident's medical condition. The assessment and its updates must include a written plan of care describing the resident's functional capacity and an assessment of his or her risk of falling. Proper steps must be taken, based on the assessment, to supervise the resident adequately and to provide safety devices to prevent injuries resulting from a fall.

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