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"Slip-and-fall accident." It may sound minor to some. But if you've been injured in a store or business after tripping on an product or slipping on a wet floor, the consequences can be serious. You may be entitled to monetary compensation to deal with the injuries you suffered as a result. To get the help you need, it is crucial to have an experienced personal injury lawyer representing you.

Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Clients Throughout Upstate New York

At Dreyer Boyajian LLP, we have been helping people throughout New York get justice and monetary compensation for more than 30 years. We have handled thousands of cases in state and federal court and know what it takes to get fair compensation for injury victims

We invite you to contact us today and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case with an attorney. We handle a variety of slip and fall accidents that occur at shopping malls, retail stores, parking lots, including those involving:

  • Slippery and uneven floors
  • Ice and snow on sidewalks
  • Broken and defective stairways
  • Items falling off of shelves

Evidence Is Crucial

Like other personal injury cases, having the right evidence can make or break a slip and fall case. For instance, if you suffered a bone fracture after slipping on a sidewalk, it's important to get pictures of the area so that we can prove a significant defect was present and contributed to your slip and fall.

Unfortunately, it can be very easy for people to dispose of the evidence, especially things like ice and snow. If there was a construction or design defect, defects can be fixed before victims and attorneys have the opportunity to investigate. The single most important thing you can do is contact us as soon as possible after your injury so we can begin investigating.

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