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February 2011 Archives

The dangers of lead in children's toys

When we buy toys for our children, we have the right to expect that the toys have been tested for safety and that they are free from dangerous substances that can cause illness or injury. Despite the progress that has been made in making toys safer and the best efforts of safety regulators, defective and dangerous toys still make their ways into New York homes.

Hospital errors lead to risk of infections

When patients seek healthcare at a hospital, they have the right to expect that treatment will help them get better and that the equipment used will be as safe as humanly possible. Unfortunately, hospitals often make mistakes and the consequences on a patient's health can be devastating.

Ice slides off truck roof and injures woman

This time of the year, truckers who do not clear ice from their vehicles pose a very real threat to the safety of other motorists. Automobile safety experts are citing a recent incident involving a driver injured by a large chunk of ice falling from a moving truck as a reason to be concerned about excessive ice buildup on vehicles. The incident occurred on I-78 when an ice chunk came free from the roof of a truck and smashed through a woman's windshield as she was driving.

Tenants nearly caught in New York roof collapse

The recent heavy snows in New York have proven extremely frightening for many individuals, especially for those living in unsafe premises. Homes with older supportive structures are especially susceptible when snow is permitted to build up on the roof, as was discovered by two residents of a Syracuse apartment building.

Dangerous Hallucinogens Sold as 'Bath Salts'

Drug abuse experts and law enforcement officers are growing increasingly concerned about hallucinogenic drugs that are being sold as "bath salts" at convenience stores, truck stops and online. Although a few states have banned these products, they are legally available in many states. In January of 2011, approximately 248 emergency calls have been made regarding improperly used bath salts, compared to 234 calls throughout the entirety of 2010.

Drug maker settles Avandia wrongful death lawsuit

GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Avandia, has settled a federal case that alleged the Avandia diabetes drug led to a fatal heart attack. As is often the case in civil lawsuits, the settlement was reached just before the case was scheduled to go to a jury trial.

New system might prevent drunken driving accidents

Many of the most serious car accidents happen after an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel. According to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 10,839 fatalities in car accidents involving a driver with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher in 2009, the most recent year with available data. Those 10,839 deaths accounted for 32 percent of traffic fatalities in 2009.

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