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May 2011 Archives

Albany considers tighter texting while driving legislation

Experienced personal injury attorneys know and understand that distracted driving is dangerous driving. The recent proliferation of personal handheld electronic devices has led to many drivers paying more attention to their electronics than they do to the road. All too often, this results in a serious or fatal accident. Increasingly, texting while driving is gaining recognition as one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving on Albany roads today.

Albany fender bender turns serious because of alcohol

Two Albany men were severely injured while waiting for help after a minor car accident. Earlier this month, they were stopped along I-787 North waiting for the State Police to come and assess their needs after their minor crash. They parked their cars along the side of the road near the Corning Preserve to wait for law enforcement after what should have only been a fender bender.

This week is Dog Bite Prevention Week in Albany

Dogs are among the most popular pets in New York and across the country. It is estimated that there are 78 million pet dogs in the United States today. Many people love their dogs because of the companionship they can offer. Many others value their dogs for their ability to help on the farm or on a hunting trip and their natural guard-dog instincts.

Study finds antipsychotics abused in nursing homes

In 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration labeled antipsychotic drugs with the most stringent warning that the government drug regulator could issue - the drugs could cause death in patients with dementia. According to a new government report, nursing homes have turned a blind eye to that FDA warning.

Nursing home infections kill nearly 400,000 annually

A recent study shows a relationship between nursing home understaffing and deficient infection controls in nursing homes. The research indicates that the main cause of death among nearly 400,000 U.S. nursing home residents is infection-related illnesses.

Truck and bus collide head-on in Upstate New York

Whenever a head-on collision occurs, there is a high potential for serious injuries. Just such an accident occurred on Monday morning as a pickup truck collided with a COARC bus on Route 145 in East Durham. At least three people were rushed to area hospitals after the accident, including one man who was evacuated to Albany Medical Center by a medical helicopter.

Surgical safety checklists can reduce surgical errors in New York

In our previous posts, we have discussed the dangers of wrong-site surgeries. Wrong-site surgeries represent one type of medical malpractice that is easily preventable, but there are many other types of surgical mistakes that can and should be easily avoided.

Widow of Cory Lidle sues airplane manufacturer

When a person is injured by a dangerous product or by a product that malfunctions, the injury victim can sue for damages in what is called a product liability lawsuit. A recent lawsuit arising out of the death of Cory Lidle is an example of this type of lawsuit

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