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August 2011 Archives

Metal hip replacements cause spike in complaints

According to recent reports, many hip replacement devices may be dangerous products. Although, many medical products are subjected to rigorous safety standards and extensive testing before they can be used on patients, it appears that many hip replacement patients received substandard replacements that were not adequately tested.

Motorcyclist dies after collision with car

A 54-year-old New York man passed away at the Albany Medical center late last week after a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders often sustain serious injuries when involved in collisions with cars or trucks. Without the protection of a passenger cabin motorcyclists have a significant risk of injury if another driver fails to notice them or is driving negligently.

Runaway semi tire kills motorist

Both the state of New York and the federal government place regulations on semi trucks in an attempt to mitigate the danger they pose to the passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, despite these regulations, improper maintenance and semi driver errors often lead to serious and even fatal truck accidents.

Another Albany priest accused of sexual abuse

The Roman Catholic Diocese in Albany, New York, received the unwelcome news last month that another of its priests has been accused of sexual abuse by a man who has already accused four other priests in the diocese of the same crime.

Investigators find boat driver was drunk at time of fatal accident

In our July 20 post, we wrote about the tragic motorboat accident on the Hudson River, which claimed four lives and sent two passengers to the hospital with serious injuries. At the time of our last post, officials were still investigating the accident. They were waiting on toxicology tests and they were waiting to speak with the survivors, before they would release the report. Recently, they have released their report, which has confirmed that alcohol was indeed involved in the fatal boating accident.

Officers believe flip-flop contributed to fatal pedestrian accident

Legally, a driver has the responsibility to control his or her vehicle. When a driver's mistake or negligence leads to an accident, the driver is legally responsible for the consequences of the accident, even if the driver's error was inadvertent.

Online retailers still selling banned cribs

Consumers have the right to purchase products that have been thoroughly tested for safety and that are free from defects, which can cause personal injuries or death. This consumer right is very important in the context of products that are designed for infants. When a product designed for babies is a defective or dangerous product, the results can be catastrophic.

Five farmers killed in tragic accident

Driving while intoxicated takes a heavy toll on New York families. Drinking and driving is not just a crime, it is a form of reckless behavior that causes accidents, injures people and affects lives. A recent accident demonstrates just how devastating a DUI car accident can be.

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