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May 2012 Archives

Memorial Day has the highest rate of red-light running

Many New Yorkers will come home to Albany after having spent the Memorial Day holiday away, but there may be some people who were seriously injured while on the road this past weekend. Memorial Day is not just known for remembering the brave sacrifices that our veterans have made, but it is also the holiday that sees the highest number of people running red lights. While this may seem harmless, running a red light can cause a serious car accident.

Increased safety features drops number of highway car crashes

A new study by the federal government has shown that the number of highway deaths has dropped to an all-time low. Last year marked the lowest number of fatalities in highway car crashes since the government first started recording them in 1921. Some think that this can be traced back to the ever-increasing safety features that are now coming standard on many new vehicles.

Are driverless cars here to stay?

In many of the old movies and television shows, the future was depicted with flying cars and robot-controlled vehicles. We might not be there yet, but the future of transportation is certainly upon us. Although they haven't made it to the roads of Albany yet, driverless cars may be making their way into New York. What will that mean, however, for driver and pedestrian safety?

Outrageous greed led to widespread nursing home abuse

It is absolutely unacceptable for a nursing home to neglect or abuse its residents. When the owner of an Albany nursing home or assisted living facility makes a profit by taking the money coming in from the federal government and residential fees and uses the money to live a life of luxury while his or her residents starve, New York law enforcement needs to take action. After a conviction for nursing home abuse, however, the families of the residents should file lawsuits against the owner for the pain and suffering their loved ones were forced to endure.

Slide recalled after serious injuries, death reported nationwide

It is starting to become pool weather in Albany and in a few months children will be splashing happily in a neighbor's pool, sliding down an inflatable slide. While many Albany parents may be looking forward to making summer memories with their kids, they should also know of an important product recall, too.

Speed, intoxication believed to be causes of mother, son's death

It is an absolute shock to hear that your mother is in the hospital after being hit by a car. While many New Yorkers' reactions may be to jump in the car and rush to the hospital, this story reminds us that, no matter what the circumstances, it is important to follow the speed limit.

State says pit bulls 'inherently dangerous,' helps dog attack suits

The people of Albany have heard it over and over again in the news -- pit bulls attack, seriously injure or kill humans. While it is clear that not every single pit bull in New York will injure someone, the fact that they are responsible for a large number of dog attacks has led several towns, cities and states to enact regulations to better protect their citizens from pit bull-related injuries.

Over 100 Football Players Sue NFL for Brain Injuries

CNN reports that more than 100 former professional football players are joining more than 1,500 other players who have filed suit against the NFL. The players allege that the League hid the dangers of concussions from them, causing injuries, accusing the league of "repeatedly refuting the connection between concussions and brain injury".

Returning soldiers are more likely to cause New York car accidents

Serving your country by going overseas and fighting is a noble thing, but there are certain risks that are associated with active duty in a war zone. A new study has shown that returning veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are more likely to cause a New York car accident than soldiers who are preparing to go into active duty.

New York Attorney General Seeks $300 Million Against Sprint in False Claims Act Tax Enforcement Action

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has alleged that Sprint-Nextel Corp. has deliberately under-collected and underpaid millions of dollars in New York state and local sales taxes on flat-rate access charges for wireless calling plans.

Workplace harassment and financial injuries of sexual abuse

Men and women know that even though the New York and federal governments have passed legislation banning workplace sexual harassment, it continues to be a problem for many New Yorkers. The Huffington Post reports that there are certain societal pressures that have encouraged many men in business, sports and politics to sexually harass a coworker or subordinate. What many people in New York may not realize, however, is that the financial injuries of sexual abuse are just as devastating as the emotional and physical ones.

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