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June 2012 Archives

Businesses can take steps to prevent slip and fall accidents

Walking into a Schenectady store should not be dangerous, nor should shoppers be forced into an obstacle course to avoid running into a hazardous situation. When upstate New York businesses don't ensure a safe shopping experience for their customers and someone is injured, the customer can work with a slip and fall accident attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Sister dies in kidney transplant when hospital ignores warnings

No patient in Troy can know of every single warning, precaution or safety issue that is associated with a procedure when he or she goes in for surgery. It is up to his or her doctor and the hospital to keep track of what equipment can be used when and what medications will react poorly with each other. When a doctor fails to do this in a surgery, it can easily lead to serious surgical errors and sometimes death.

Parents sue dog owners for $30 million after schoolyard dog attack

Earlier this week we talked about a young boy that survived a horrible dog bite and has made it his mission to change New York's "one bite rule." Now, another dog attack story is coming out of Port Washington, New York, on Long Island. A 6-year-old boy was playing on the school playground when a dog attacked him and chewed off part of his ear.

New York boy spearheads dog bite legislation reform

At 5-years-old, a New York boy's life was radically changed. The boy had been outside with a relative's pit bull when it suddenly attacked. The dog bite injuries were extremely severe; the boy needed 25 surgeries and 1,000 stitches before they could reconstruct his face and scalp.

Passenger flown to Albany hospital after one-car crash

One man is recovering at Albany Medical Center after the car he was in crashed, killing the driver, reports The Wall Street Journal. The 36-year-old man was riding with a friend in Saratoga County on the Adirondack Northway. Both men were from Saratoga Springs and it is unclear where they were going when the driver crashed into the median, causing an extremely serious car accident.

Pittsfield Child Mauled in Pit Bull Attack

A nine-year-old Pittsfield, Massachusetts boy was seriously injured after being attacked by at least two pitbulls, reports the Berkshire Eagle. According to news reports, the dogs were in the common hallway of an apartment building, and attacked the boy when he opened the door. According to the boy's mother, there were three dogs involved in the attack, however police report that only two of the dogs participated.

Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Albany Diocese

A Glens Falls man has sued the Albany Roman Catholic diocese in Vermont Federal Court seeking damages for his subjection to sexual abuse at the hands of his former pastor, Gary Mercure, when he was a boy. Although the victim previously testified in Mercure's criminal trial last year, stating that he was repeatedly raped by Mercure, including while on trips to Vermont in the 1980's.

Flammable sunscreen causes second-degree burns

Not many people in Albany would think to check the warning label of sunscreen. If it is safe enough to be rubbed into a person's skin, many consumers might not bother to read a safety or warning label. One man did take the time to read the label on his Banana Boat aerosol sunscreen though and he knew not to apply it next to an open flame. But he thought that after it had been applied he would be fine.

Troy motorcyclist injured by suspected teenage car thief

It may come as no surprise to the residents of Troy that someone accused of stealing a car would be driving dangerously. If the person had such little concern for the law that he stole a vehicle, it is likely that he wouldn't pay too much attention to the rules of the road that keep everyone in the Albany area safe. At least that is what apparently happened in a recent motorcycle accident.

Owners must teach their dogs not to bite

Imagine walking through the streets of Albany with a friend and his or her dog. Though you may have met this dog several times and he or she has always been pleasant, something seems off today. When you go to pet him or her, the dog snaps, causing a dog bite injury.

New Recall of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

Smith & Nephew, a medical device maker has issued a recall for a metal-on-metal hip implant component after finding a higher than normal level of patient problems with the device, including infections, fractures, and dislocations. The recall concerns the optional metal liner, or cup, component of its R3 Acetabular System. According to a report in Reuters, approximately 7,700 of the recalled metal liners have been implanted since its introduction in 2007.

Two More Confirmed Cases of Legionnaire's Disease at Albany Hotel

The Albany County Department of Health has confirmed two more cases of Legionnaire's disease, a bacterial infection, linking the cases to the Best Western Sovereign Hotel in Albany. The two guests diagnosed with the disease stayed at the hotel on May 16 and 17.  Just last year, six guests were sickened by Legionnaire's, causing the hotel to close for most of February and March to remediate the problem. More detail about the first outbreak can be found in our February 2, 2012 post.

Candy-like laundry detergent causes severe reactions in children

Parents in Troy may have thought the new single-dose laundry detergents would make doing laundry much easier. After all, parents would no longer have to lug around large detergent containers, nor would they have to worry about spills. Unfortunately, many of them may not have realized how dangerous this household product can be.

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