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September 2012 Archives

Woman arrested, charged in upstate bicycle crash

Earlier this month, a 39-year-old man from Petersburg, New York, was riding his bicycle on Route 22 when he was apparently hit from behind by a Hoosick Falls woman. State police believe she had been driving under the influence of drugs and potentially texting when she smashed into the bicyclist. Now, the 37-year-old woman is in jail while the man remains in critical condition in the Albany Medical Center.

Hospital's lack of cleanliness may have led to fatal infection

When the people of Syracuse are sick they go to the hospital, and when someone is so sick that he or she needs to be hospitalized, it is obvious that doctors, nurses and hospital staff need to ensure that they don't make things worse by introducing an infection. Sadly, some in the medical profession don't take this as seriously as they should, leading to potentially fatal infections for individuals with already compromised immune systems. This kind of medical malpractice can quickly lead to a lawsuit for damages.

Children with chronic illnesses at risk for medical malpractice

When someone is injured by his or her physician, there is a very real potential that the patient will have a considerable amount of pain, suffering or long-term effects. When those patients are children, they are often far-less equipped to deal with the negative consequences of a medical mistake. And, for some juvenile patients, they may have to live with the result of a medical mistake for the rest of their lives.

Cleaner believes she caught hantavirus from hoarder's home

While this blog has covered premises liability cases before, they have almost exclusively dealt with accidents in public places. It is true that public places are where a considerable number of the accidents and injuries that lead to premises liability lawsuits come from, but there are also a large number of in-the-home accidents that could potentially lead to premises liability actions, as well. Just like a store or public place, if you enter someone's home in Albany, you can often hold a homeowner liable if you are injured.

America wastes staggering $750 billion on health care each year

No one in Schenectady wants to pay more for something than they have to, especially if the higher price doesn't come with higher quality. Despite this, a new report says that we waste $750 billion each year in medical costs. This is not to say that all medical treatment is a waste, but 30 cents to every dollar is either for an unnecessary treatment, because the price of the service is inflated or because of a variety of other reasons.

Buckyballs, rare-earth magnets pose danger for children

It is likely that many people in Troy have seen Buckyballs and other magnets made from rare-earth elements. These particularly strong magnets have been all the rage in offices and on desks across upstate New York, but the manufacturers have come under particular scrutiny because of the serious damage the magnets can cause to young children who swallow them.

Unconstitutional Retaliation Settlement: $25 Million to Former Nursing Home Owners

New York State will pay $25 million to the former owners of a Rochester nursing home for the state's 1999 unconstitutional retaliation action under a settlement reached last month. The state decided to reach a settlement after a federal jury in Rochester determined that New York State Department of Health ("DOH") officials had forced the 1999 closure of the Beechwood Nursing Home in retaliation against its owners. The jury was scheduled to determine how much to award its former owners, but the state decided to reach a $25 million settlement instead.

Hantavirus scare could leave New York travelers infected

With over 10,000 people visiting the "Signature Tent Cabins" in Yosemite National Park this summer, it is possible that at least one of those visitors was from upstate New York. Though these travelers may have had a leisurely vacation in one of the most popular national parks, they may have also been exposed to a potentially deadly virus. The hantavirus, which is fatal in nearly one-third of all cases, has no cure, meaning that this could affect infected New Yorkers for the rest of their lives.


While the New York State Police continue to investigate whether she was texting while driving, Becky Goodermote, the driver in a car-bicycle crash, has been charged with leaving the scene of a serious personal injury accident and driving while ability impaired by drugs. According to the Times Union, Goodermote was remanded to Rensselaer County Jail pending bail.

Bystanders Hit by NYPD Gunfire

A total of 9 bystanders were struck by NYPD gunfire outside the Empire State Building last Friday.  Two NYPD officers opened fire on Jeffrey Johnson after approaching him from behind in the busy tourist area.  The officers approached Johnson after receiving a call that he had gunned down a former co-worker outside of the office they used to share.  After being confronted, Johnson pointed a .45 caliber pistol at the officers, causing the officers to fire almost immediately.

Nursing home staff allegedly caused infection with feeding tube

It is not surprising to many people in Albany that there are a variety of staff members in a variety of roles at a nursing home. What some people are trained to do is far beyond the scope and duty of many other staff members and it is important that only those who are fully capable and trained to perform a serious medical procedure do so. If someone with improper training or educational experience were to try and prescribe a new medication, for example, he or she would be putting that patient's life at risk.

Texting while driving May Have Played Role in Hoosick Crash

New York State Police are investigating whether texting while driving or distracted driving played a role in a serious car and bicycle accident in Hoosick, New York.

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