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November 2012 Archives

Nursing home bed rails investigated after years of deaths, part 2

Earlier in the week, we talked about one woman's lawsuit against the assisted living home where her mother died. The woman has accused the home of failing to warn her father of the danger that nursing home bed rails can cause, even though it was the nursing home that recommended he buy the railings to keep his wife from rolling out of the bed. Tragically, she was strangled after she became caught in the railings.

Nursing home bed rails investigated after years of deaths, part 1

For most people in Albany, putting a loved one in a nursing home is not an ideal situation. Whether it is a full-care facility or an assisted living home, family members may feel guilty or upset that they are unable to care for elderly parents and relatives on their own. In the end, however, most people in nursing homes need the care and attention that only round-the-clock staff at a nursing home can provide. But this also means that it is an extremely serious violation when negligent nursing home employees fail to take proper care of their patients or fail to prevent them from injuring themselves.

Asthma drug may be putting thousands of Americans at risk

If your doctor prescribed you a drug, would you take it? Most people in Troy would, but just because a doctor has prescribed a medicine does not mean that it is safe. Unfortunately, there are some drugs that make their way to the market without sufficient evidence that they are safe or, rather, evidence emerges later on that they have serious side effects. Regardless of why the medications are dangerous, it is important to recognize that people injured by dangerous drugs often have legal recourse against the drug manufacturer.

Thanksgiving 2010 had more fatal accidents than any other holiday

If the announcement that Thanksgiving 2010 had more fatal car accidents than any other holiday in the year is shocking to some people in Albany, it shouldn't be. Thanksgiving week is one of the most deadly weeks for motorists across the country. While individuals within the traffic safety field expect there to be fewer people on the road this Thanksgiving, it does not mean that there still won't be a large number of accidents.

Hospital errors could pose serious risks for patients

This blog has previously touched on the damages that Schenectady doctors can cause when they are not paying sufficient attention to their patients. We have also talked about the dangers associated with infections and surgical errors. All of these are real problems and many patients have little control over whether they happen. Though medical malpractice lawsuits can help to hold doctors liable for their mistakes, the mistakes themselves can be deadly.

Toyota announces new car safety systems

Cars always seem to be getting safer. With more safety features and increasingly intelligent design, the streets of Albany should soon be getting much less dangerous. The problem is, however, that these vehicles could create a dependence on the safety features, which would make a safety feature failure all that much more catastrophic. In addition, these safety features cannot guarantee accidents won't happen, they will only lessen the chances of a crash. What this means, then, is that Albany drivers must continue to drive safely to prevent serious or fatal car accidents.

Injured by a medical compounder? File a lawsuit, part 2

Earlier in the week, we updated you on the pharmaceutical compounder that has been linked to a deadly strain of fungal meningitis. With over 300 people reporting infections in 16 states, including New York, this batch of dangerous drugs is causing considerable injury. In our last post, we also mentioned that it is extremely rare for federal or state regulatory bodies to take any kind of real action against pharmaceutical compounders, even when they consistently put out tainted or otherwise dangerous medicines.

Injured by a medical compounder? File a lawsuit, part 1

Last month we talked about the meningitis outbreak that has been affecting New York and many other states in the country. An out-of-state pharmaceutical compounder has been linked to the disaster, which has led to numerous illnesses and deaths, but it was only recently that the pharmacy's license was permanently revoked, along with the top three pharmacists' at the compounder. Though this was the first time that a compounder was permanently closed, it was not the first time a compounder has been linked to tainted drugs.

Victim of head-on collision recovers at Albany Medical Center

She was out with a family member when a car was suddenly traveling right at her. This was the shocking moment that preceded a crash that sent a 79-year-old woman to the hospital with internal injuries. This head-on collision was so severe that the woman was airlifted to the Albany Medical Center from the Kingston accident site.

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