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Hospital errors could pose serious risks for patients

This blog has previously touched on the damages that Schenectady doctors can cause when they are not paying sufficient attention to their patients. We have also talked about the dangers associated with infections and surgical errors. All of these are real problems and many patients have little control over whether they happen. Though medical malpractice lawsuits can help to hold doctors liable for their mistakes, the mistakes themselves can be deadly.

When a Schenectady patient is admitted to the hospital, his or her assumption is that the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff is going to do everything in their power to treat whatever medical conditions are present. The problem, of course, is that many times there are preventable mistakes that cause serious injury or death. Some of the most common mistakes are listed below:

  • Surgical fires: Surprisingly, there are about 600 surgical fires each year in the United States. Some of the worst are those near the head and neck because if the breathing tubes are leaking oxygen, it could cause severe trauma.
  • Distracted care: We have all heard about distracted driving, but it seems smartphones and other mobile devices are distracting health care providers during medical procedures. In 2010, about 15 percent of medical assistants and of individuals who operate the heart and lung machine during heart-lung bypass procedures used the Internet during the procedure; 3 percent went to social media sites.
  • Pediatric configurations: It is clear that children and adults have different medical needs and undergo different medical tests, but doctors may not sufficiently configure medical technologies for children. Oftentimes, the best thing for children is to be seen at hospitals that specialize in pediatric care.

When patients are injured by doctor or hospital errors, it is important to work closely with medical malpractice attorneys to not only secure compensation for costly recovery, but also to hold the doctor or hospital liable for the mistakes that caused such horrible injuries.

Source: Philadelphia Post-Inquirer, "Top 10 hospital hazards," Nov 5, 2012

Find out more about our work and the danger of hospital negligence by visiting our New York medical malpractice page.

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