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December 2012 Archives

Woman able to file medical malpractice in Brooklyn court

Going into the hospital for a minor surgical procedure should not be anything to worry about. New York doctors are supposed to be well-trained and experienced enough not to cause any kind of surgical injury or condition. Sadly, however, some surgeons make mistakes that leave patients with horrible injuries, exposing the surgeon and hospital to medical malpractice lawsuits.

22-year-old New York woman injured by apparent drunk driver

There is a reason why drunken driving is illegal in New York: drunken driving can cause some of the worst and most tragic of accidents. Oftentimes, the accident never would have happened, but for the driver of one of the cars being drunk. Driving under the influence of alcohol seriously impairs an individual's ability to safely and responsibly handle a motor vehicle, including slowing reaction times, clouding judgment and distracting the driver from the road. Unfortunately, drunken driving accidents still happen, and when they do, injured victims are likely to file personal injury lawsuits against the driver that sent them to the hospital.

Nursing home sued after woman has maggots living in ear

When Schenectady families put their loved ones in nursing homes it is because those family members need specialized medical care. When a loved one's medical condition is so severe that he or she cannot talk and cannot care for him- or herself, it is clear that a nursing home must provide the resident with significant care and attention. Failing to do so can constitute nursing home negligence and result in serious injuries or death.

Surgeons' ages may reveal how well they deal with distraction

When many people in upstate New York go to the hospital for surgery, they may not ask about a surgeon's age, but his or her age could determine how well he or she stays focused in the operating room. A new study published in the Archives of Surgery found that surgeons between the ages of 27 and 35 had high rates of distraction in the operating room and that distraction was likely to lead to a significant mistake.

Are sobriety checkpoints useful if police announce them?

As Troy police officers try to stop drunk drivers this holiday season, they may resort to sobriety checkpoints and other coordinated efforts to crack down on driving under the influence. For people on Troy's roads, this provides an added layer of security at a time when there are likely more people driving who have been drinking than at any other time during the year. Though sobriety checkpoints are supposed to help get drunk drivers off the road, are they really effective when police announce them?

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Linked to Degenerative Brain Disease

A recent traumatic brain injury study by the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy and the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System shows a link between head trauma and long-term degenerative brain disease. As reported in the New York Times, the study was conducted over a four-year period and included posthumous testing of brain samples from 85 people who had histories of repeated mild traumatic brain injury ("TBI"). The study found that 80 percent of the 85 people tested showed evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy ("CTE"). CTE is a degenerative and incurable disease whose symptoms include memory loss, depression, and dementia. CTE can be caused by trauma which triggers progressive degeneration of the brain tissue, including the build-up of an abnormal protein called tau.  To read the study in full, click here.

Feds mandate medical tests must be done by trained physicians

It is likely that many people in Albany assume that the truck or bus drivers who are medically cleared to work have been done so by physicians who are aware of the medical conditions that generally plague commercial drivers. At the very least, New Yorkers may think, the physicians will at least know what illnesses or conditions to look out for that could cause a serious trucking accident. Sadly, there are currently no requirements that commercial drivers even see a physician to get a medical clearance; chiropractors are even allowed to determine if a driver is healthy enough to drive a truck or bus.

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