NPR Story Examines the Effects of DePuy Metal-on-Metal Hip

A recent story broadcast on National Public Radio's (NPR) "Morning Edition" tells the story of a 57 year old woman from Massachusetts who was implanted with a DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip in 2009, only to have to undergo another major hip surgery a few years later in order to remove the same implant. To listen to the story, click here.

According to NPR, prior to her implantation, Susan Mansfield was a very active woman who was recommended the DePuy ASR because it was thought to be more durable and last longer. Ms. Mansfield explains in the story that she began to feel pain in her hip since her surgery, and it continued to worsen; Mansfield described it as a "hot pain . . . that's there all the time."

Her surgeon, Dr. Young-min Kwon, explains that Mansfield's metal-on-metal hip was damaging muscle surrounding the artificial hip, caused by a reaction to the metal particles released by the defective hip. Kwon explains that Mansfield's bone never properly attached to the artificial hip, causing the sensation of loosening and instability. Dr. Kwon stated that there was a "yellowish discoloration of the tissue that is no longer functioning," and that "black staining" of the muscle tissue was an indication of metallosis, caused by the flaking of tiny particles of cobalt and chromium into the surrounding tissue. Notably, Dr. Kwon opined that the absence of extensive human testing prior to the product's entry into the market should not be a practice that is continued into the future, stating: "I think there are lessons for all of us - that you need to have scientific data to support any introduction of any new technology."

Mansfield's tale is just one of thousands. Dreyer Boyajian LLP is representing persons in Upstate New York and elsewhere that have been harmed by these defective products. If you or someone you know has been so harmed, contact our offices for a free consultation.


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