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January 2013 Archives

New York City elevator accident leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Many people in Schenectady may remember hearing about a New York City woman who was killed in a freak elevator accident in December 2001. The woman had been walking into the elevator when it quickly rose up, causing fatal injuries. While the elevator was under repair at the time of the accident, the individuals repairing it failed to put up any signs indicating this and, now, the father of the woman who was killed is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the elevator repair company, as well as the company that manages the Manhattan building.

Syracuse, New York, hospital named in wrongful death lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center in Syracuse by an Auburn woman who claims the hospital is responsible for causing her husband's death. The lawsuit alleges that the hospital failed to properly monitor the 88-year-old patient who had a history of falling and that failure caused the patient to fall and injure himself which ultimately lead to his death.

New efforts being made to improve truck driver safety

Truck drivers and trucking companies are under so much scrutiny at all times, and for good reason. Truck drivers have a responsibility -- more than almost any other driver -- to operate their vehicle safely and properly, because, after all, they are driving 10-ton behemoths that can cause serious or catastrophic injuries to unsuspecting people on the road should an accident occur.

States think they've done it all for highway safety

While it is true that the highways surrounding Troy are fairly safe, they are by no means perfect. No city in New York and no state in the country have enacted every single law possible to keep motorists safe. There are still gaps in the law in which negligent or reckless drivers can cause serious and sometimes fatal accidents. Even if New York had done enough to legislate against accident-causing behavior, there would still be people who break the rules, putting other motorists' lives at risk.

Studies show that chained dogs are more likely to bite

There are many dogs in Albany County, most of which will not harm anyone; they are caring members of many people's families. While most dogs won't bite or attack anyone, that doesn't mean that all Albany dogs are safe. Some dogs have not been properly trained or are downright mean, and these dogs can cause serious harm to unsuspecting Albany residents. Sadly, when these kinds of dog bite injuries do happen, the victims can hold the dog or property owners liable for their medical costs and pain and suffering.

Food and Drug Administration concerned over drowsy driving

New York drivers know that it is illegal to drive while drunk, but what about when someone has taken a prescription or over-the-counter sleeping aid? The law is not entirely clear, but it is obvious that driving under the influence of a sleeping aid can certainly impact an individual's ability to drive safely. There have also been numerous studies about drowsy driving and the effects it has on safe driving.

Albany County nursing home fires staff for alleged sexual abuse

It is something that would shock most people in Albany, but a 64-year-old maintenance worker at a Colonie nursing home has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 91-year-old resident. What makes the crime even worse is that the man has a history of sexual abuse, serving 16 years in prison for sodomy, first-degree rape and sexual abuse. Investigating police are also trying to determine if the nursing home was following state law by having the level-three sex offender on staff.

New York City Ferry Crash Injures Dozens

A high-speed ferry slammed into a Lower Manhattan pier near Wall Street on Wednesday morning, January 9, 2013. The ferry had approximately 326 passengers on board when it crashed at a "relatively high rate of speed" according to a U.S. Coast Guard representative. The ferry is privately operated by Seastreak and provides service between New Jersey and Lower Manhattan. Thirty-one (31) passengers were sent to the hospital and many more were injured. The Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the accident, which was apparently not the first for this vessel; records indicate it was involved in prior crashes including a collision with a New Jersey dock in 2009.

New York subway deaths lead to platform barrier speculation

Nearly everyone in Albany has likely heard of the two recent subway deaths in New York City. In both instances, two men were pushed from behind by absolute strangers as they waited for their trains. The men fell onto the tracks and were unable to get to safety before they were hit and killed.

Inattentive driver sends Troy firefighter to Albany hospital

It is the law in New York to yield to emergency vehicles when their lights and sirens are on, and this is to ensure that these emergency responders are able to get to where they need to be quickly. The lights and sirens also provide considerable notice to all other motorists that they need to get out of the way. Unfortunately, when inattentive drivers fail to notice emergency lights and sirens, they can cause serious accidents. Because of the nature of their positions, however, it is not always clear whether emergency responders can file personal injury lawsuits against those motorists who cause accidents by not yielding.

Hannah Storm survives dangerous burns from propane grill

Our blog has covered numerous stories about individuals in New York and across the country who have been injured by defective products. Many of these people choose to file products liability lawsuits in order to hold the manufacturers responsible for marketing products that can cause serious injuries. It is not just defective products, however, that can form the basis of products liability lawsuits. Anyone in New York who needs medical attention because of injuries sustained by a dangerous product can also seek compensation.

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