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Studies show that chained dogs are more likely to bite

There are many dogs in Albany County, most of which will not harm anyone; they are caring members of many people's families. While most dogs won't bite or attack anyone, that doesn't mean that all Albany dogs are safe. Some dogs have not been properly trained or are downright mean, and these dogs can cause serious harm to unsuspecting Albany residents. Sadly, when these kinds of dog bite injuries do happen, the victims can hold the dog or property owners liable for their medical costs and pain and suffering.

Several studies have found that dogs that remain chained outside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are much more likely to bite humans than dogs that live inside and receive affection from their human family members. Dogs are social creatures and need affection and care. They want to be with their human "packs" and those that are left outside tend to be unsocialized and aggressive. These dogs also become bored and frustrated, leading to aggressive behaviors, too.

Some people will keep their dogs outside because they believe the dogs will help protect their homes or property. Sometimes it is because they believe the dogs are not properly trained and, thus, should not be let in the house. Regardless of why someone won't bring his or her dog in, dog owners have a responsibility to keep their dogs from harming others.

A dog attack can be horrific, painful and can require considerable medical care. These bites are also expensive. The care that comes with a dog attack and the time off required to cope with a dog attack can set many people in Albany back. Instead of paying these costs themselves, victims can often file premises liability lawsuits against the dog owners.

Source: Battle Creek Enquirer, "Sweet Treats and Valentines Needed for 24/7 Outside Dogs," Jan. 14 2013

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