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February 2013 Archives

Bronx granddaughter records grandmother's nursing home abuse

For one Bronx woman, visiting her grandmother in the nursing home may have saved the 89-year-old woman's life. The younger granddaughter was visiting her grandmother, the woman who had helped to raise her as a child, when she noticed bruises and other markings on her grandmother's arms and hands. She asked the nursing home staff and they said that her grandmother had been hitting her hands on the bed railings, causing the bruising. The younger woman, however, did not believe them and decided to do what she could to confirm her suspicions that her grandmother was being abused.

Price Chopper Agrees to End Deceptive Advertising Practices

After an investigation by the New York State Attorney General, Price Chopper has agreed to clarify its coupon rules and will pay a $100,000 penalty for its failure to disclose important restrictions in its double coupon policy.

Two pedestrians hit blocks from each other in Albany

Many people in Albany have likely heard of the tragic death of the 28-year-old pedestrian who was hit while crossing Central Avenue last week, but they may not have heard of a 43-year-old man who was hit a few blocks away from the accident site one day later. Surprisingly, the 43 year old was hit while people were gathering for a candlelight vigil for the young woman who had died earlier that afternoon.

Bronx husband files medical malpractice lawsuit against hospital

The birth of a child is supposed to be the happiest day in a parent's life; it should not be a time for parents to worry about the health of a mother or be concerned that a doctor's negligence could cost a mother her life. Even though the health and well-being of a mother is an important part of the delivery and the number of fatal deliveries has dropped in New York as medicine improves, there are still some mothers who will lose their lives during labor each year.

29 states come to agreement with Toyota on recall fiasco

There are many Toyota owners in Troy who have been watching the news closely following a series of recalls by the car company in 2010. Cars, more so than any other consumer good, need to be safe. No one in upstate New York would purchase a car if he or she thought that it was going to be dangerous, nor should a consumer have to worry that his or her vehicle will put his or her life at risk, even if it is being operated safely. While there are federal protections in place that can help remove dangerous vehicles from the roads, there is no guarantee that consumers or other motorists won't be injured by dangerous automobiles.

Time spent on medical malpractice indicates large problem, pt. 2

People on both sides of a medical malpractice lawsuit can likely agree that the system needs to change. For patients in upstate New York, they probably want to simplify the process of filing claims, gathering evidence and waiting years before their claims are heard. If their claims are going to settle, they likely want them to do so long before the typical two to three years before physicians, hospitals and insurers are ready to offer a settlement.

Time spent on medical malpractice indicates large problem, pt. 1

A new study that was recently published explains that, on average, physicians will spend over 10 percent of their medical careers dealing with medical malpractice claims. For some specialists, the amount of time jumps to almost 33 percent. While physicians and medical malpractice insurers may claim that this is evidence that the medical malpractice system needs to be reformed, it may indicate that there is a serious problem within the medical field, itself.

Strollers recalled in order to prevent children's falls

When parents in Albany shop for their children, especially their newborns and infants, they make sure to pay careful attention to safety. Unlike adolescents and teenagers, young children do not always have the common sense to stay away from dangerous or hazardous things, which is why it is particularly important to only buy the safest of products. Sadly, many parents may buy something thinking it's safe, only to have to return it because of a nationwide recall.

New York City adopts pay for performance medical program

It sounds like a good idea: doctors will be paid based on the quality of their work, but there are some who believe this pay for performance program won't be make as large of an impact as many may think. New York City is just one city in the country that is tying performance-based metrics to pay in an effort to reduce medical malpractice. One of the concerns, however, is that the bonuses to encourage doctors to do better are not that high. When doctors make a lot of money as it is, the 2.5 percent bonuses that they will receive for better care is not significant enough to actually cause widespread reform.

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