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March 2013 Archives

Medical solutions for brachial plexus injuries in the works, part II

Earlier in the week we talked about how brachial plexus injuries or shoulder dystocia can be caused by medical malpractice. Specifically, the injuries are caused by doctors using excessive force to remove children whose shoulders become stuck in the birth canal. After working with a medical malpractice attorney to file a lawsuit, parents whose children have Erb's palsy just have to hope that some medical study can help treat the symptoms.

Medical solutions for brachial plexus injuries in the works, part I

There is no day as special and as memorable as the day Albany parents welcome a new child into the world. Seeing a happy, healthy child for the first time is often described as one of the happiest moments of a parent's life, but those moments can also be mixed with tragedy if a doctor, nurse or hospital staff person caused a brachial plexus injury and, thus, Erb's palsy.

Teenage drivers pose real risks to their passengers

As with any skill, it is unreasonable to think that someone just starting out is going to be able to perform as well as someone who is much more experienced. The same thing goes for driving. Teenagers in Albany who are just getting their license for the first time are much more likely to have problems controlling their vehicles than individuals with 10 or 20 years of experience behind the wheel.

Recent train accidents caused by safety procedure failures

With trains connecting much of upstate New York, it wouldn't be uncommon for many people in Schenectady to travel by train on occasion. Much like with planes, when a New Yorker travels by train, he or she is turning over control of his or her safety to the train operator and the other employees who work with the railroad. If they are negligent, they may be found liable for any accidents they may cause.

Popular tuna manufacturers issue recall of 3 million cans

Chicken of the Sea or Bumble Bee are two of the most popular brands of canned tuna in Troy and across the United States, but canned-tuna lovers may want to check and make sure they don't have cans marked for voluntary recall. The two tuna producers have recalled more than 3 million cans of tuna after it was discovered that the cans had loose seals.

Seat belts still safe for expecting mothers

Pregnancy is supposed to be a cherished moment in Albany mothers' lives, but with the constant fear that something or other will harm the baby, many mothers have little opportunity to enjoy their pregnancies. One of the things that pregnant women may have avoided for quite a while is seat belts. While the belt could go across a woman's baby bump, a new study shows that pregnant women in car accidents are less likely to lose their babies if they wear their seat belts than if they do not.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Norovirus Outbreak

Over 100 guests have contracted Norovirus on Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas cruise ship. The ship just returned to Port Everglades, Florida today after 105 guests and 3 crew members became afflicted with Norovirus, a gastrointestinal illness, on its last sailing. In an official statement by Royal Caribbean, it discussed that it had conducted an enhanced cleaning onboard the ship to help prevent the spread of the illness from affecting the subsequent sailing.

Failure to diagnose leads to brain damage, claims mother

Ask any parent in Queens what it was like the first time his or her child got sick and you will likely hear similar stories: concern about whether it was a relatively mild illness or something much more severe. For those parents who have had children with serious medical conditions, there is an overwhelming fear that the child may not survive. When parents bring their children to the doctor, they expect the physicians to do everything in their power to help their children get better. Sadly, some doctors fail to do so.

Drug recalled following serious and fatal reactions

When someone in Syracuse is given a prescription, he or she is often in dire need of help to deal with either an emergency medical situation or a chronic condition. One of the tools within a physician's toolkit is prescription medication, and that is why it is so important to prescribe the right medication and the right dosage. Sometimes, however, even when a physician has done everything in his or her power to ensure that a patient has medicine to help a condition, that patient could still be harmed if the manufacturer is putting out dangerous drugs.

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