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May 2013 Archives

Prosecutor drops nursing home abuse charges to misdemeanors

Hearing the story of a Warren County nursing home nurse lying on documents to cover her failure to give five residents their medications probably put many New York families on edge. As many people in upstate New York have loved ones in nursing homes, nursing home abuse and neglect is a particularly sensitive topic. And, this most recent incident of nursing home neglect in Warren County likely have people angry.

Budget decisions means Lady Liberty goes without security

Anyone in Albany who has travelled down to New York City knows that there is considerable security everywhere. From hired security at private businesses or hotels to government security at national parks, monuments and museums, security not only helps protect what's inside the building or monument, but also the people visiting. And, with the constant fear of terrorism, it only makes sense that security should be ever-vigilant, not decreasing.

Heavy metals present in lipstick, lip gloss could be dangerous

For many people in Albany, lipstick and lip gloss are something they wear daily; it is just part of a normal routine to apply a little something to the lips. The problem is that there are many lipsticks and lip glosses that appear to have significant levels of heavy metals. Although there doesn't appear to be any injuries from these lip products just yet, if a consumer is injured by his or her lipstick or gloss, he or she can file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Will shift toward primary care doctors lead to misdiagnoses?

When someone in Syracuse is concerned that he or she has some kind of specific condition, would he or she rather go to a primary care physician or a specialist? Most people would say specialist, in part because everyone knows specialists are just that: specialists in a specific field of medicine. Getting a diagnosis or being treated by specialist may be easier and faster than wading through primary care physicians who are not familiar with an individual's condition.

New York City surgeon faces medical malpractice lawsuit

With more than 150,000 people getting weight-loss surgeries in 2010, it is no surprise that there are an increasing number of surgeons in New York City and across the state who are learning to perform this surgical procedure. It is a procedure that many people are excited to get, because it not only can shave off excessive weight, but it can also reduce the risk of many obesity-related conditions. If done correctly, it can give patients a new lease on life. If done wrong, however, it can be fatal.

Virtual medical malpractice far more complex than many realize

As the practice of medicine becomes increasingly dependent on technology, including the use of virtual medicine or telemedicine, there are more and more people in some of upstate New York's more rural counties that can better access advanced medical services. While Greene County residents may have better access to some of the New York's best doctors, there is also the risk of medical errors, just like any other practice of medicine. Unlike any other practice of medicine, however, a virtual medical error is more complex than an in-person mistake.

Red Vines recalled for leaden licorice

Shoppers in Albany may have noticed that there are far fewer Red Vines licorice packages on the shelves these days after the licorice manufacturer was forced to recall all of its black licorice. The reason? The molasses that the licorice maker had been using appears to have higher-than-normal amounts of lead. In fact, the amount of lead is higher than what is allowed under the 0.1 parts per million that is allowed by the U.S. Food and Safety Administration.

Nursing home fails to report sexual abuse, faces fine

It is a difficult decision that many families in Oneida County face, but when family members choose to put loved ones in a nursing home it is because they know that a nursing home can provide the care that those loved ones need. And becaues it is not a light decision, many families will do their research: asking for recommendations, speaking with the elderly relatives' physicians, and checking the federal online database for nursing home information. While these are all excellent ways to decide which nursing homes are the safest, there are still problems that can arise.

New York hospitals need new cleaning procedures

To a patient in Schenectady, going to the hospital for a surgical procedure may be frightening. With stories of surgeons operating on the wrong body parts or leaving sponges inside patients, it is no wonder that many people are afraid of medical malpractice. While it may be clear that a surgeon who performs a knee replacement on the left knee instead of the right may have committed medical malpractice, simple things like hospital errors or insufficient cleaning can also be considered medical malpractice.

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