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Heavy metals present in lipstick, lip gloss could be dangerous

For many people in Albany, lipstick and lip gloss are something they wear daily; it is just part of a normal routine to apply a little something to the lips. The problem is that there are many lipsticks and lip glosses that appear to have significant levels of heavy metals. Although there doesn't appear to be any injuries from these lip products just yet, if a consumer is injured by his or her lipstick or gloss, he or she can file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer.

A product liability lawsuit is based on the premise that consumer goods should not be dangerous and, if there is an element of danger or risk or danger, the product should be sufficiently labeled. Sadly, there are numerous dangerous products out there that can injure consumers because of a design flaw or a manufacturing defect.

The newest product to raise these concerns is lipstick. A professor of environmental health sciences has just completed a study of 24 varieties of lip gloss and eight different lipsticks. The lip products were purchased at many different stores, ranging from a drugstore chain to higher-end specialty cosmetic stores. Nearly all of the lip products had traces of heavy metals. While some of the levels were not extremely high, others were higher than the acceptable limit of daily intake. Others posed the risk of long-term exposure.

It is not new information that lip products can be dangerous. A previous study found that some lipsticks and glosses have lead in them, but this is the first study to expand the search for heavy metals. It remains to be seen whether the cosmetic industry can expect a rush of product liability cases.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Toxic Lipstick? Metals In Some Lip Products May Be Dangerous, Study Says," Catherine Pearson, May 1, 2013

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