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Red Vines recalled for leaden licorice

Shoppers in Albany may have noticed that there are far fewer Red Vines licorice packages on the shelves these days after the licorice manufacturer was forced to recall all of its black licorice. The reason? The molasses that the licorice maker had been using appears to have higher-than-normal amounts of lead. In fact, the amount of lead is higher than what is allowed under the 0.1 parts per million that is allowed by the U.S. Food and Safety Administration.

It is unknown if anyone had been injured by the lead yet, but if they have been, it would be possible to file a products liability lawsuit for dangerous food products. Just like with any kind of consumable, Albany residents should be able to purchase food, eat it and not be afraid that they will be injured or poisoned. It is a manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that it is only putting out safe products, otherwise it can be held responsible for any damages derrived from its dangerous products.

The manufacturer of Red Vines, American Licorice Co. was approached by health department officials who said they had tested the black licoroice and found excessive lead. The licorice company said that increased levels of lead are related to the 1.5 million pounds of molasses it purchased from Total Sweetners and Batory Foods. Red Vines has since pulled its black licorice from the shelves and filed suit against the two molasses manufacturers.

Even though a manufacturer may not try to make a dangerous product, it is still responsible for the products it puts out. If there is something dangerous, it could be subject to a products liability lawsuit.

Source: Courthouse News Service, "Nationwide Licorice Recall Will Cost Someone," Jonny Bonner, April 30, 2013

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