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Albany drivers cause high number of fatal motorcycle accidents

Since the beginning of the month, there have already been two accidents in and around Albany involving motorcyclists, and the number of motorcycle crashes is only expected to increase during the summer. With their being a higher-than-average number of fatal motorcycle accidents in Albany County, there will be an estimated four to six motorcyclists who will die in a motorcycle crash in the county this year. The remaining non-fatal motorcycle accidents will likely end with traumatic injuries.

Despite having all the same rights and responsibilities as people in cars, trucks and SUVs, motorcyclists are often in danger while on the road. Drivers don't always see motorcyclists, even though they are clearly visible. Whether it is inattention or simply that the drivers aren't looking for motorcyclists, this lack of visibility causes numerous motorcycle accidents each year.

One of the most common types of motorcycle accident is the left-turn accident. This type of crash is caused when a driver fails to see a motorcycle, or miscalculates its speed, and makes a left-turn, which puts it directly in the path of the motorcyclist. Sadly, the motorcyclist often cannot avoid the collision, which could lead to very traumatic injuries or, at times, death.

There is no real excuse for not seeing motorcyclists. They are on the road and it is expected that drivers will notice them. This may mean that drivers need to look twice before entering an intersection, but the alternative is causing a life-altering motorcycle accident. If all it takes to prevent an accident is a few brief seconds, why wouldn't someone do it?

Source: Albany Times Union, "It's 'left-turn' accident season for motorcyclists," Matthew Hamilton, June 6, 2013

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