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Cancer misdiagnosis has highs and lows

For many people in Troy, learning they have cancer is devastating. Even if it is an optimistic diagnosis, an individual will still need to go through difficult and oftentimes painful treatments. To be diagnosed with cancer in error, however, can be far more complex than what many people may assume. If what you were diagnosed with was particularly grim, learning you have a much more manageable type of cancer can be wonderful, but there were also months or years of worrying, waiting and sacrificing in the lead up to what you believed to be your final days.

For one man who experienced just that, he has successfully brought a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital that diagnosed him. He won $200,000 in damages because of the doctors misdiagnosis.

When the man went to the doctor in 2009, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer, one that would take his life in a matter of months. His doctor was wrong, however; he was actually sick with a much less serious type of cancer. Fortunately for him, the delay in the time it took to diagnose him with non-Hodgkins lymphoma did not lessen his risk of survival.

During the time he thought he was going to die, the man claims to have lost money as he needed to take time off from his job. Whether it was because he wanted to spend some time with his wife befofe he died or to finalize everything before he was too ill to do anything, he lost time at work and, thus, some very important income. Moreover, it goes without saying that he experienced some emotional trauma from being told he was going to die, too.

Source: The Associated Press, "Cancer patient who was mistakenly told he's going to die gets $200K for misdiagnosis," June 14, 2013

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