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Staten Island police officer killed while riding motorcycle

Most people in Albany recognize that when they are driving they need to pay attention to everyone that is on the road. This means that they need to look out for more than just other drivers, but for truckers, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. At the same time, motorists need to be aware of who is on all sides of their vehicles, not just who is on the side or in front of them. Sadly, when drivers don't do this, they risk seriously hurting others on the road.

Tragically, late last month, a New York Police Department detective was killed on Staten Island only a short distance from his home during a ride on his motorcycle. The off-duty detective had been following a 2009 Nissan when the driver of the Nissan quickly turned and the motorcyclist was unable to avoid hitting the back of the vehicle. Sadly, he sustained traumatic injuries that eventually claimed his life.

The police officer was taken to Richmond University Medical Center and remained hospitalized for almost 48 hours before he eventually died of his injuries.

It is unknown if the New York police officer's family members will eventually file a wrongful death lawsuit on his behalf. A wrongful death lawsuit will help the officer's family adjust to the loss of his income, which will hopefully prevent any type of financial crisis for them following the detective's untimely death. The lawsuit will not bring him back, but it could at least help to limit the amount of damage that his family members have to suffer.

Source: New York Daily News, "NYPD detective dies after off-duty motorcycle crash in Staten Island," Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, June 25, 2013

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