Connecticut Moose Lodge Riders speak out after another motorcycle accident injures 8 in Northfield

This past week, a Rhode Island man veered into a lane injuring five motorcyclists traveling through Northfield, Massachusetts from Connecticut. Two of the motorcyclists are in critical condition and eight individuals in total have sustained serious injuries. It is alleged that the driver was speeding when the crash occurred. [Read more]

The local community in Connecticut has weighed in on this issue after a crash in Thompsonville, Connecticut occurred just a month before the latest one. In the crash that occurred in April, the driver was operating his vehicle under the influence and was arrested on scene. According to the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, the driver faces seven counts of operating under the influence of drugs causing serious bodily injury and two counts of child endangerment. The man was held on $250,000 bail and was said to be arraigned on May 31st.

Members of the Moose Lodge in Thompsonville and Chicopee are asking drivers to pay more attention to the road where there are more motorcyclists out on the road during the hot East Coast summer months.

A fundraising event was held in Thompsonville for the riders who sustained injuries during the April crash. The crash in Northfield just a few days ago happened the same day as the fundraising event. Individuals who have been in motorcycle accidents should not have to rely on coming up with their own funds and charities to help with medical bills and other long-term effects they may experience after such a tragedy.

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