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A premises liability claim is filed when the owner of a public space, such as a restaurant or retail shop, fails to provide safe conditions for their customers. If this neglect leads directly to your injury, you may have cause to file a premises liability claim.

Premises liability injuries can be caused by poor lighting, improperly signed roads, lack of security which led to an assault, wet floors that led to a fall, and many other avoidable conditions.

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Representing You During Your Recovery

When recovering from an injury, the last thing you want to do is your own investigative work and file your own claim. You should not attempt to represent yourself, for business owners will most assuredly have an adept attorney representing their own interests during the trial.

Let our Albany Personal Injury Lawyer handle your case. We dedicate ourselves to each claim, bringing our experience, knowledge, and skill to work for you. As a boutique law firm, we have concentrated our resources into personal injury and complex litigation services. This means you have reliable access to your attorney, who is dedicated specifically to personal injury claims, when you need us most.

When pursuing damages for your premises liability injury, we seek to recover financial resources to help you through:

  • Paying medical bills, both from treatment and for long-term care
  • Lost wages should you be unable to work
  • Pain and suffering caused by your injury and the experience
  • In the worst cases, funeral expenses for wrongful death suits

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