Gas explosions can cause catastrophic damage.

Explosions at Worksites, Residences, or Public Spaces: Catastrophic Consequences

Anytime an explosive blast occurs at a worksite, residence or public space, catastrophic injuries are likely to occur. Explosions result from the release of energy, generally from the ignition of combustible liquids or gases.

Explosions at Worksites, Residences, or Public Spaces: Catastrophic Consequences

  • Injury Risks: Explosions can cause catastrophic injuries resulting from the sudden release of energy, including complex trauma ranging from skin burns, lung injury, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI), deafness, and blindness.

  • Common Causes: Ignition of combustible liquids or gases, such as natural gas or propane leaks.

  • Maintenance Mishaps: Faulty maintenance work, inadvertent damage, or improper manipulation of gas-carrying pipes can lead to major explosions.

  • Public Safety: Public utilities, contractors, and property owners must be vigilant about pipe locations during maintenance or construction to prevent gas or propane leaks.

Electrical Arc Explosions

  • Accidental Short-Circuits: Arc flashes occur due to accidental short-circuits in electrical phases, either from phase to phase or from phase to ground.

  • High Temperatures: The explosion of oxygen around the phases creates extremely high temperatures, melting conductors and other electrical parts.

  • Human Impact: Arc flashes cause severe devastation to the human body.

Importance of Legal Representation

  • Crucial for Victims: Proper legal representation is vital for victims of explosions to navigate complex legal and factual issues.

  • Expert Access: An experienced law firm will have access to top experts who can determine the cause and origin of the explosion.

  • Resource Availability: The firm must have the resources to fight through intricate legal battles.

Experience You Can Trust

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