How Do Safety Violations Contribute to Construction Accidents?

There are few industries that are fraught with more hazards than the construction industry. Construction workers have the highest rate of on-the-job injuries and fatalities among all industries, and part of that is the result of negligent construction contractors and work site owners who fail to provide proper safety equipment or comply with safety regulations. But how exactly do safety violations contribute to construction accidents?

The Responsibility of Contractors and Site Owners

Under New York State labor law, construction contractors and the owners of construction work sites have a legal responsibility to ensure that any project is safe for workers. This includes, of course, following safety regulations, as well as promptly addressing any safety violations that are discovered. While this cannot prevent every accident, it can at least minimize the risks of accidental injuries, and minimize the harm that workers suffer when an accident does occur.

Types Of Common Safety Violations

There are many types of safety violations that can contribute to construction accidents. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Failing to perform regular safety inspections
  • Improper or inconsistent maintenance on tools and equipment
  • Inadequate or damaged safety gear
  • Failing to ensure scaffolding is properly secured and stable
  • Failing to provide adequate safety training
  • Lack of signage for known safety hazards, such as toxic or flammable materials
  • Failing to clean up potentially dangerous debris
  • Using ladders on unstable surfaces
  • Circumventing lockout/tagout systems on electrical equipment

How Safety Violations Can Cause Accidents

When construction contractors and work site owners fail to provide proper safety equipment or comply with safety regulations, it makes it more likely that accidents will occur. For example, poorly maintained equipment may be more likely to break or malfunction, while a lack of proper safety gear can increase the chances of commonplace injuries like falling from a high elevation, being struck by falling objects or getting electrocuted. Meanwhile, a lack of training can make many safety mechanisms far less effective, and even a lack of proper signposting can mean someone wanders into a known hazard without realizing it.

Why Safety Violations Happen

Sadly, the primary reason for safety violations is very simple: complying with safety regulations takes a commitment of time and money, and many contractors and site owners simply do not want to spend the time and money to remain compliant. However, when they do this kind of corner-cutting, it is typically their workers who pay the price. That is why it is so important to hold them accountable when their negligence causes injury to a worker

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