Seven Major Causes of Auto Accidents

Every year, there are approximately two million motor vehicle accidents across the United States, with more than 40,000 of these accidents resulting in fatal injuries. Sadly, many of these accidents would be preventable but for certain factors that caused the accident. Here are seven major causes that result in auto accidents occurring:

  1. Speeding and reckless driving
    • By far the most common issue seen in auto accidents of all types is speeding, which both increases the likelihood of an accident and increases the severity of any accident that occurs. Combined with other reckless driving habits like failing to signal, swerving between lanes, or street racing, speeding drivers can make the road much less safe for everyone, themselves included.
  2. Failing to obey traffic signs and signals
    • Traffic signs and signals exist for a reason: to ensure that traffic flows in a safe and orderly manner. When people ignore these signs and signals, speeding through red lights or stop signs, it substantially increases the chances they will get into an accident.
  3. Failing to account for bad road conditions
    • Bad weather and poorly maintained roads can make it more dangerous to drive, reducing a vehicle’s ability to maneuver or brake. When a road is covered in ice patches, potholes, and other hazards, it can dramatically increase the risks of auto accidents.
  4. Driving at night
    • Simply put, it is much more dangerous to drive in the dark than it is when it is light out. The darkness can significantly impair visibility, meaning it is more likely a driver will not see other vehicles or pedestrians until it is too late to avoid an accident.
  5. Improper maintenance
    • In order to perform their best in an emergency, a vehicle should be kept well-maintained by its owner. When drivers fail to perform regular maintenance on their vehicles, such as getting oil changes or replacing worn-down tires, it makes the chances of auto accidents much more likely.
  6. Aggressive driving
    • Sometimes known as “road rage,” aggressive driving is when people undertake actions on the road that are intended to express anger or frustration, which often imperils other vehicles. This can include tailgating, brake checking, or even attempting to run other vehicles off the road, increasing the chances of an accident on purpose.
  7. Driving under the influence (DUI)
    • About one in three auto accidents are the result of someone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, also known as DUI. When someone engages in a DUI, they tend to have worse judgment, worse reaction times, and impaired motor control, all of which increases the risks of auto accidents.

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