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What Are the Most Common Construction Injuries?

As a construction worker, you face injury risks on a daily basis. This is true regardless of your trade or occupation. Several types of hazards present risks to all workers on construction sites, and most construction workers face specific job-related injury risks as well.

These injury risks vary widely. While some injuries are relatively minor, others can have lifelong (if not life-threatening) consequences.

Most construction site injuries are covered by the New York workers’ compensation program. In some cases, injured construction workers may be able to seek additional compensation as well.

10 Common Injuries on New York Construction Sites

Regardless of the nature of your injury, if you have been hurt on a New York construction site, you should discuss your legal rights with a lawyer promptly. Here are 10  examples of common injuries for which construction workers can seek just compensation:

1. Concussions

On construction sites, concussions most commonly result from blunt-force trauma. This includes being struck in the head by a falling, flying, or swinging object, as well as hitting your head during a fall. While some concussions are relatively minor, all concussions require medical care. Additionally, when a construction worker is concussed, his or her risk of suffering a more serious head injury increases significantly.

2. Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are common on construction sites, and they can result from a variety of different factors. Construction workers can suffer from neck pain due to repetitive stress or repetitive strain, falls, other on-site accidents, and whiplash sustained in vehicle collisions both on the job site and while driving for work.

3. Back Injuries

Back pain is also extremely common among construction workers. While the most common cause of back pain is repetitive stress (i.e., repeatedly bending or arching your back on a day-to-day basis), construction workers can also suffer back injuries due to falls, collisions, ladder and scaffolding accidents, and other traumatic events.

4. Chest and Abdominal Injuries

Common chest and abdominal injuries include fractured ribs, lung injuries, kidney injuries, and torn muscles. With many chest and abdominal injuries, internal bleeding is a serious concern. Failure to obtain prompt medical treatment can lead to potentially serious complications.

5. Eye and Ear Injuries

Many types of construction workers are at risk for suffering eye and ear injuries. These injuries are frequently the result of inadequate access to safety protection. When companies fail to provide workers with ear plugs, safety glasses, safety goggles, or face shields, these workers can suffer injuries resulting in tinnitus, hearing loss, corneal abrasions, vision loss, and other permanent effects.

6. Severe Lacerations

Severe lacerations can result from accidents involving tools, building materials, construction equipment, and heavy machinery. Construction workers can also suffer loss of digits and limbs in these types of accidents.

Construction workers who suffer scarring or loss of body parts will often experience lifelong limitations. These limitations can cause significant financial and non-financial losses.

7. Soft Tissue and Nerve Injuries

All types of construction site accidents can lead to soft tissue injuries and nerve damage. These injuries can also result from repetitive stress or repetitive strain. While construction workers can usually recover from these injuries with appropriate medical treatment and adequate rest, permanent effects are a possibility in many cases.

8. Broken Bones

From broken toes to broken vertebrae, all types of bone fractures can put construction workers out of work for extended periods of time. With prompt and professional treatment, most bone fractures should heal over time. However, chronic pain and permanent limitations are not uncommon, and these can significantly increase the lifetime costs of these injuries.

9. Dislocated Bones

A dislocation occurs when the end of a bone is displaced due to a traumatic force. Shoulder and finger dislocations are particularly common, but these painful injuries can occur in other parts of the body as well. Treatment needs can vary from resetting the bone to surgery. In almost all cases, a period of rest and recovery will be necessary.

10. Electrocution Injuries

Electrocution injuries resulting from incidental contact, failure to follow lockout/tagout procedures, and other issues can lead to significant losses. As with all of the other injuries discussed above, construction workers who suffer electrocution injuries should seek medical treatment immediately. They should also consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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