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Cases involving sexual abuse are extremely sensitive and require the expertise of an attorney who is both compassionate and experienced in working with sexual abuse victims. The Albany litigation attorneys at Dreyer Boyajian LLP are committed to helping victims in sexual abuse litigation.

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assaults

Sexual abuse or sexual assault occurs when sexual activity is carried out upon a victim against the victims’ will – often by force. In addition to bringing criminal charges, a victim may also bring a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator or a negligent third party who is partially responsible for the assault.

Examples of when a third party may be responsible include:

  • Property owners who fail to provide adequate security (premises liability)
  • Parents failure to supervise their children who commit sexual abuse or assault
  • An employer who negligently hires an employee or fails to supervise the employee who assaults a victim

If you have been sexually abused or assaulted and suffer physical, emotional, or financial injuries we are here to help. In addition to bringing a lawsuit, our Albany sexual abuse litigation attorneys can assist you in finding the help you need through various government and charitable agencies to overcome the abuse you or a loved one has endured.

Child Sexual Abuse

In the United States, at least 20 percent of women and approximately 5-10 percent of men are sexually abused as children. This can be psychologically devastating to a child and the costs associated with health and psychological care over the span of a child’s life, as a result of the abuse, can be astounding. In New York, under the Social Services Law and Family Court Act certain individuals such has doctors, dentist, psychologists, nurses, teachers, schools officials, police officers, social workers, and day care workers are considered mandated reporters who are required under those laws to report suspected incidences of child abuse or maltreatment. If the mandated reporter fails to report the child abuse or maltreatment as prescribed by law, he or she can be convicted of a misdemeanor crime and can also be held civilly responsible for the damages caused by the failure to report sexual abuse. If the mandated reporter who fails to report the abuse is a physician, a client may also have a medical malpractice case against the doctor for failure to diagnose the sexual abuse.

The Albany sexual abuse litigation attorneys at Dreyer Boyajian LLP have access to preeminent experts in this field and work closely with them to protect the rights of sexual abuse victims.

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