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As a citizen, you are able to file a lawsuit against the government for damages that result from negligence on the part of a federal employee or institution. These are personal injury claims or class actions specific known as a Federal Tort Claim, protected under the Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946.

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Holding the Government Responsible

A Federal Tort Claim is filed with the federal court, requiring representation by an Albany litigation lawyer who is specifically experienced in these proceedings. With more than 30 years of experience representing Federal Tort Claims, you can rest assured knowing your claim is in capable hands.

We offer representation to clients filing every kind of Federal Tort Claim, including:

Just as an employer is responsible for maintaining a safe space for workers and customers, so too is the government responsible for making sure its employees are performing their duties safely. When a government employee fails to do so, injuries can happen. Some victims are more fortunate, while others have suffered catastrophic consequences as the result of a negligent government employee.

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Don’t be intimidated by the thought of bringing a lawsuit into the federal courts. You have a right to have your voice heard, and to receive compensation to help you cover the expenses that often accumulate as the result of an injury or negligent action.

Our Albany litigation attorneys can help you reach a settlement to help cover medical and hospital bills, lost wages due to your inability to work, and long-term care for more serious and debilitating injuries.

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