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June 2011 Archives

Product Liability Update: FDA Reconsiders Safety of Yasmin

Product Liability Update: Time Magazine reports that the FDA is reviewing the safety of the popular birth control pill Yasmin (also known as Yaz, Beyaz and Ocella), a product of Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Accounting for nearly 15% of the market, Yasmin is one of the top-selling birth control pills. However, after nearly 50 reported deaths and thousands of serious injuries, the FDA is reconsidering Yasmin's place on the market. Click here to read the entire Time article.

Catholic bishops uphold sexual abuse policy with minor revisions

Millions of American children have suffered because of sexual abuse. Often times, sexual abuse happens when a person who is placed in a position of trust abuses that trust and takes advantage of a defenseless person. Perhaps the most insidious form of sexual abuse happens when a clergyman abuses a child.

Man dies in rollover accident when driver tries to avoid hay bale

Seatbelts save lives in many types of crashes. However, some types of car accidents are so severe and so dangerous that even people wearing a seatbelt can be thrown from a car and suffer serious injuries. In November, we wrote about the tragic death of Brian Cole, a prospect with the New York Mets. Mr. Cole was ejected from his vehicle during a rollover accident and was killed despite the fact that he was wearing a seatbelt.

Elderly woman dies due to nursing home neglect

On a cold November night, a 92-year-old woman wandered away from her care facility and died, drowning in a puddle a mere 200 feet from her home. This tragic incident points to the fact that nursing home neglect is a very real and serious situation.

Malpractice jury award for New York man confined to wheelchair

For victims of medical malpractice in New York, the road to recovery can be long and tough. In some cases, patients are never able to fully recover from a medical mistake. Whether a patient is able to physically recover from a medical error or not, victims of medical malpractice in New York have the legal right to receive compensation for medical injuries they have suffered.

Syracuse VA paid $2 million in medical malpractice claims over past two decades

A recent review by the Project on Government Oversight looked into the question of how much VA medical centers around the nation have been paying out in medical malpractice claims. Although government records demonstrate that veterans are much less likely than civilians to file medical malpractice claims, both the Project and the VA wanted to measure malpractice payouts in order to gauge the quality of treatment our veterans are receiving at the VA.

Bus headed for New York flips over; Passengers thrown everywhere

Several passengers were involved in a fatal bus accident while traveling to New York early Tuesday morning, May 31. The Sky Express bus swerved out of control and flipped over onto its roof. The motor vehicle accident, which killed four of the passengers on the bus, happened on I-95 in Caroline County, Virginia.

New York boy killed in hit and run accident with pickup truck

Whenever a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the potential for serious personal injuries is very high. People on foot lack the armored protection a vehicle provides, and their bodies absorb the force of the impact with devastating results. When a car strikes a child, the results are tragic.

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