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July 2011 Archives

Another major tour bus accident happens in New York

When a motor vehicle accident involves a large commercial vehicle, the consequences are often deadly. Because large vehicles like buses and trucks can cause a terrible amount of damage when an accident happens, these motor vehicles are held to high safety standards that establish minimum safety requirements for drivers and the equipment aboard the vehicles.

Is July the most dangerous month for medical malpractice?

The way that hospitals train doctors may be leading to medical mistakes and malpractice. In teaching hospitals, recent graduates, or medical residents, learn while practicing medicine under the supervision of more experienced doctors. Typically, a physician spends three to six years as a medical resident.

Survivors still recovering from Hudson River boat accident

As the summer heat is gripping Albany and the surrounding areas, many people are taking to rivers and lakes for recreation and a chance to cool down. As area waterways are becoming more crowded, it becomes even more important for boaters to operate their watercraft in a safe manner.

New York veteran dies in roller coaster accident

Just like any other New York business, amusement parks need to keep their property in good condition and need to take steps to prevent injuries to their guests. In addition, amusement parks must maintain their rides properly and operate them in a safe manner.

Researchers connect Chantix with heart problems

In the name of safety, prescription drugs and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals are subjected to testing and regulation before they are sold to consumers. However, dangerous and defective drugs still make it into the marketplace and many New York patients suffer the consequences.

Woman and child die in crash with truck

When a smaller motor vehicle suffers an accident with a commercial truck, the consequences can be devastating. Because of the size of the vehicles involved, it is not surprising that people involved in truck accidents can suffer serious injuries.

Woman involved in crash with New York State Trooper dies

Last month, a 30-year-old New York woman was driving with her husband in her 2003 Hyundai on Route 9. At about 9:00 in the evening, a New York State Trooper lost control of his cruiser and collided with the woman's Hyundai head on. According to State Police representatives, the trooper had swerved to avoid a vehicle that had pulled out onto Route 9.

Wrong-site surgeries happen 40 times per week

Undergoing a surgery is a stressful event for New York patients. When undergoing surgery, you are essentially placing your life in the hands of physicians, surgeons, nurses and hospital staff. Because you are placing your life in these people's hands, you have the right to expect that they will be thorough, safe, effective and professional. Unfortunately, medical malpractice happens, and people who have been hurt by surgical errors have the legal right to be compensated for their medical injuries.

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