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October 2011 Archives

Car manufacturers say drivers want hands-free text messaging tech

Distracted driving is the cause of many car accidents in Albany, New York and other areas of the country. As a result state legislators and police departments have passed laws and raised awareness to prevent car accidents caused by distracted driving. It seems just as states have passed distracted driving laws, new technology developments like in-vehicle voice-activated systems may challenge the objective of current distracted driving laws.

Car accident victim challenges 90-year-old woman's ability to drive

Teenagers and seniors are often the two groups of drivers who are at the most risk of getting into car accidents. As we wrote in a previous post, teen drivers do not have enough experience to handle many situations on the road and older drivers may have slower reaction times putting them at a higher risk. One man from Staten Island, New York whose leg was severed in a car accident claims the woman who caused the accident is too old to drive.

New York court rules sunset glare not driving emergency in fatal car accident

The causes of car accidents are many. Many drivers on their way home during rush hour encounter the stubborn glare of the sun and sometimes the glare of the sun can interfere with driving. One driver from New York who was involved in a fatal car accident claimed that a part of the cause of the accident was the glare from the setting sun. The New York Court of Appeals, based in Albany, recently ruled that it is well known that the sun's glare can interfere with driving and therefore did not contribute to the cause of the fatal accident in this particular case.

Teen drivers face highest risk during first month of driving

Teenagers in Albany, other parts of New York and different areas of the country all have one thing in common -- they have to learn how to drive by doing. Graduated driver's licensing laws in New York and other states have tried to provide teenage drivers with enough experience to be comfortable on the road, but once teens are behind the wheel by themselves for the first time teens are left to build experience alone and the risk for car accidents is at its highest.

Economy may be linked to decrease in DUI car accidents

The economy may be affecting the number of motor vehicle accidents related to driving while under the influence. The decreases are being recorded across the country, including Albany, New York.

Use of granny cameras spread to prevent nursing home abuse

To prevent nursing home abuse, more law enforcement officials and families in New York and elsewhere are using video cameras to keep watch over elderly loved ones. The use of video cameras in nursing homes which are also referred to as granny cams received recent attention when a man from Ohio placed a camera in his 78-year-old mother's nursing home room and caught caretakers beating her up. Despite the advancement and spread of the technology, few states have specific laws that address the use of cameras in nursing homes.

CooperVision Recalled Contact Lenses

Coopervision, Inc., a Rochester, New York-based company has recalled its line of Avaira Toric contact lenses that have allegedly caused significant problems including torn corneas, blurred vision, discomfort and pain.  According to MSNBC, the Food and Drug Administration is threatening to issue a public warning about the recalled lenses that were sold as such prominent retailers as Wal-Mart, Costco, and LensCrafters.  To read the entirety of the MSNCB article, click here.

Reebok settles product liability suit over toning shoe

Reebok, the athletic shoe and apparel company, will pay the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a multi-million dollar settlement to end allegations of product liability. The federal agency charged that Reebok falsely advertised qualities about its "toning" shoes with advertisements that claimed the shoes could substantially strengthen muscles in the thigh, legs and buttocks.

More plastic surgery patients enduring revision surgeries to fix botched procedures

Patients who undergo plastic surgery today need to be sure to complete their homework before undergoing their procedure. There has been a recent uptick in the number of revision surgeries conducted on plastic surgery patients whose initial surgeries were botched. Some plastic surgery patients have experienced infections, serious scars and gangrene from their original procedures because the doctors that performed the surgeries lacked proper training and experience. The story of one 40-year-old mother's plastic surgery resulted in one large breast instead of two and a medical practice suit.

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